Review: Lemon and Poppy Seed Muffins

As many of you who follow me know, I am an avid baker. I love trying new recipes and sharing good ones with others. I found a recipe book I had never tried before in the back of my cupboard, ‘Easy Muffins’ made by Marks and Spencer.


I decided to try out the lemon and poppy seed recipe. They are my favourite and I buy one almost everyday from my local coffee shop, which obviously costs a lot more than making them myself.

The batch makes the 12 regular muffins. It was really easy, with no faff and made from ingredients everyone would have in the cupboard, perhaps apart from the poppy seeds. They were done in only 15 minutes which is great if you are having guests over at short notice or you want to make them in the morning to have for breakfast.

I’m a bit impatient so when it said to melt the butter and let it cool, I didn’t quite let it cool enough. It was luke warm, but it didn’t seem to do any harm. This isn’t one of those recipes where accuracy will make or break the end result.

The muffins turned out great. They were so fluffy, making a great texture for a light breakfast muffin. The balance of lemon was excellent and they weren’t too sweet. Overall they are the best recipe for lemon and poppy seed muffins I have tried and would highly recommend this recipe book.

As I said earlier the book can be purchased at M&S and contains recipes for all kinds of muffins from fruit and chocolate to savoury options. I am thinking of trying out the marshmallow chocolate flavour next! They sound amazing!





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