What Happened When I Started Conditioning Before Shampooing


Over the years of reading beauty blogs and articles, I’ve seen many people jump on the band wagon of using conditioner BEFORE you shampoo. So, I decided to finally give it a go.

I continued using my regular hair products and shampoo/conditioner. This is because I wanted to know that if any results are seen it is because of the switch rather than any new products. I started using my conditioner before my shampoo in early July.

I did see results, although they weren’t drastic. It made my hair much less greasy and made it look generally healthier. The results weren’t worth me continuing so I switched back to the ‘normal’ shampoo then conditioner after 2 weeks.

HOLY SH*T! This is when I really noticed the difference the switch had made. When I switched back to shampoo before conditioner, my hair was greasy, heavy and flat. How had I not realised this in 20 years of washing my hair?! So, I immediately switched back to conditioning before shampooing. My hair is much less greasy, has a natural shine, is light but has loads of volume and is still as easy to brush and style. I can also go longer without washing my hair because it doesn’t get as greasy.

I honestly didn’t believe it would ever make this much of a difference to my hair. I would never go back to the ‘normal’ shampoo then conditioner routine. My hair is just amazing! It has also taught me a lot about reviewing products and trends, it took me going back to my old habits to realise the difference it made!!

Let me know if you’ve tried this before or if you will after reading this!

Em xx


12 thoughts on “What Happened When I Started Conditioning Before Shampooing

  1. The title of your blog now has me singing ‘Signed, Sealed, Delivered’ in my head! I have been wondering about conditioning before shampooing for ages but never thought much of it, definitely going to give it a try now though! XO

    Haze // hazebeaulie.blogspot.co.uk

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