Unique Gift Ideas: Independent Retailer Edition

I love finding unique gifts for friends and family on special occasions, there are some absolutely brilliant companies out there that offer unique and personalised gifts. I try as much as possible to buy from independent businesses and go to fairs and other events to get inspiration. I hope this run down of some of my favourite unique gifts from independent retailers sparks your imagination! All of these I have bought for myself or others, or have seen their products in person so can recommend them confidently. There is something for everyone below, so happy gifting!

For the Pet Lover:

I commissioned a portrait of my beautiful cairn terrier Joey as a Christmas gift for my parents from the amazing Jack Draws Your Pet. I discovered Jack at a fair in Milton Keynes and loved his work! He does coloured, cartoon or biro style portraits with a range of framing options. He also does t-shirts and mugs as smaller gifts. We ordered directly from him at the fair, sent over some photos of our pup and waited about 4 weeks for him to email the portrait for approval. Then about another week or so for the final framed product to arrive. I thought this was excellent service and really quick considering it was peak xmas time! Prices vary depending on what you want, he was doing a special xmas fair price of Β£79 for the the portrait we purchased, with the frame and delivery included. I couldn’t recommend him enough and this is perfect for any pet lover and any budget. Check him out on instagram @jackdrawsyourpet or his website.

For the Big Kid:

My next gift recommendation is bespoke Lego figures and sets by Demon Hunter Bricks. I found these guys when I attended Comic Con and they had a stall, they are lovely people and you can tell they are passionate about what they do. Essentially they design and make bespoke Lego figures and sets from TV and Film which are not made by Lego itself. They use pre-existing Lego bricks to put together their creations, they also custom print some pieces if they can’t find a suitable lego piece. I purchased the Hound from Game of Thrones, pictured above, as he is my fave character. He now sits on my bedside table! If you know the character, you will understand the level of detail they have gone to, even including the chicken. They do other Game of Thrones characters, Breaking Bad, Star Wars, Walking Dead, Lord of the Rings and many more. These are perfect gifts for people who love Lego but also those that love TV and Film of any kind. They are unique and offer a wide range of options for all price ranges, from individual figures to whole scenes. For example they do a Breaking Bad meth lab with Walt and Jesse figures. Check them out on instagram @demonhunter_bricks or on their website.

For the Jewellery Lover:

This is an echinoid/sea urchin necklace I purchased from Alchemy Crafts at a craft fair. They use the technique of electroplating to cover real life natural objects with metals – you can get silver, gold and copper designs. They do everything from shells, leaves, acorns and also do commissions. They are so delicate and beautiful and all handmade. I also think they are very reasonably priced compared to other larger companies that sell the well known leaf design. They come beautifully presented in boxes and I just love the thought that the real life thing is inside. Great customer service and knowledge. A beautiful and unique jewellery gift from a very talented jewellery maker and artist. Check out their website.

For the Football Fan:

I have a lot of football fans in my family so I am always on the lookout for unique football themed items to purchase. Football Stadium Photography by David Shields supply unique collages of football stadiums in all different sizes ranging from gift cards to large A2 size. What is so special about these are that David travels the country taking all the photos himself – so these are art pieces in their own right. With over 70 stadiums visited and photographed you are bound to find something to suit everyone, but he also takes requests if you can’t find your team! I have seen him at a few fairs over the years and the quality of the prints and frames are excellent. You can follow him on instagram @footballstadiumphotography or visit his website.

For Film and TV Buffs

These prints from Jobydove are so cool and would look good in any interior. He does stuff from tv, film and pop culture in general and come in all sizes, so perfect to jazz up a room. He also takes commissions so have seen a few people have one done of themselves for weddings and other occasions which I think is a great idea and brilliant as a gift. I first came across this company at Comic Con and they have a wide selection. I am planning on buying a load of prints and taking them to Comic Con in November to get them signed by various attending guests as I think these would look awesome signed. I just think are so unique and stylish. Take a browse on instagram @jobydove or on their website.

I hope this gives you some inspiration around a few different and unique gifting ideas. Mainly, I hope it makes people think a bit more about supporting independent business, especially artists and crafters, and support them through this difficult time. Even if you can’t afford it at the moment, just shouting about them makes a difference!

Let me know some of your favourites in the comments or if there is something you think I might like!

Em xx


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