SEPHORA Charcoal Vs. TONYMOLY Egg Pore Nose Strips

I first tried the SEPHORA Charcoal Nose Strips on holiday last month. I was so impressed that when I arrived home, the first thing I did was find a SEPHORA store to stock up. However, I arrived late in the day and they had sold out. I ask a sales assistant if they had any out back. She said no, but recommended something else. She told me about the new South Korean brand TONYMOLY, which have their own nose strip, the Egg Pore strip. So, I purchased this to try and I was equally impressed with the results. But as with many brands offering similar types of products there are always differences, so here they are, easily summed up in one post!

SEPHORA Charcoal nose strip = $3 (~£2 for 1 strip)

TONYMOLY egg pore nose strip = $9 (~£6 for 7 strips)

The TONYMOLY pack of 7 is obviously much greater value for money, I mean by a long way! This is a big deal and a big difference for many people, you would assume that SEPHORA’s own brand stuff would be cheaper, but looking at it like this it really isn’t!

Packaging                                                                                                                                                      The TONYMOLY strips are individually wrapped but come in a box with 7 strips included. The SEPHORA strips are also individually wrapped, but are only sold individually.

Both are easy to open and the instructions are clear and simple. They are great little pouches to slip in your bag for when you are travelling or out and about.

I actually prefer the look of the TONYMOLY egg pore packaging. To me it seems more natural, light and inviting. However, they both obviously show the main ingredient through their packaging. The charcoal nose strip is packaged in grey and the egg pore strip clearly shows an egg on the front. No mistaking what they contain!

What they say they do VS. actual results

Charcoal is known for its absorption powers, it is designed to draw out oil, blackheads and whiteheads, therefore unclogging pores.

Egg is rich in calcium and its main property is that is closes pores and therefore smooths out the skin ‘like a boiled egg’.

I found that SEPHORA’s charcoal strip didn’t take any visible dirt or blackheads away with it. However, on the TONYMOLY egg pore strip I could actually see full blackheads, whiteheads, dirt and oil on the strip when I peeled it off. This is not to say that SEPHORA’s charcoal strip doesn’t do what it says, I could just visible see it with TONYMOLY.

Both of the strips closed my pores and smoothed my skin, that is the incredible thing. It was unreal! I couldn’t believe how much it had cleared that area. I have never tried anything that gets rid of dirt and closes pores like this, leaving my skin feeling fresh and NO visible pores! I use a strip twice a week to maintain results.

Both of the strips had a pleasant smell, although I slightly prefer the smell of the TONYMOLY strip, don’t worry, it doesn’t smell like egg! The other thing is that the SEPHORA strip is wider and longer and therefore covers a wider area, especially more of the cheek area.

I would use both these strips again if I had the chance, although I am currently buying the TONYMOLY pack to use in my regular beauty routine. This is because of the huge price difference, especially if you are considering using strips every week. But also because of the duel action I saw. It visibly clears pores and also closes and smooths pores after.

I also want to note that both brands do not test on animals, which is a bonus all round!

Hope this post was helpful, please let me know your opinions if you have tried these strips!

Em x


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