Knack Box: Must Have Craft Subscription to Cure Boredom

Due to the current situation, I have unfortunately been furloughed and therefore find myself stuck at home and trying to fill my time! I have always been crafty and love to sit listening to music and doing my own thing, but with shops closed and online shops running low I was finding it difficult to order anything I was actually interested in making. As most of you already know, I am a keen user of subscription boxes of all kinds and decided hunt for a craft one or something that would make this lockdown easier.

I came across the Knack Box, a monthly craft subscription service that promised to meet all my needs. Knack box costs £22.99 per month or you can buy one off boxes for £24.99. This price includes delivery, all the materials and tools you need to make that month’s craft and also access to a live zoom workshop. The workshop is hosted by the guest crafter each month and is live for everyone to craft along together. Of course, if you can’t make the workshop it is recorded for you to catch up on later.

Each month they select a crafter or artist to put together the craft project and host the workshop. What I love about this box is that there is an element of personalisation every month and a real sense of community with the workshop and Facebook group you can join and share your results.

So, I decided to go for it and ordered a subscription and my first month was May’s box, which is the one pictured. This month’s craft was a candle and card project curated and hosted by Happy By Harper, who was absolutely brilliant. The personalisation element of the craft was that you could choose the scent of your candle, with choices of rose, eucalyptus or grapefruit. I love citrus so I went for the grapefruit scent, this also dictated the decorations for the candle.

The box contained all the tools and resources needed for the project, all you need to provide are scissors and other everyday crafting accessories. I throughly enjoyed the workshop and the live element to it, with ability to ask questions as we went along etc. They are also not stingy with the materials and tools! We were sent more than enough wax in case of spillages but this means I have enough to make some smaller candles myself later on. We also had 3 wicks, the candle jar, the chosen scent, decoration in the form of a dried grapefruit segment, cards, envelopes and beautiful dried flowers for the cards. We were also provided with a metal wick separator which is reusable and brilliant for making your own candles now you have the bug!

This was just so much fun and really made my day! It took about 2 hours to make the candle and sit down to do the cards as well. I really think this is just INCREDIBLE and excellent value for money! You would never get a bespoke workshop and all the tools and materials for that price if you sourced this yourself. I cannot fault anything.

Well packaged and great customer service is just the cherry on top for me. I have continued my subscription into June. June’s box is marbled clay earrings, which I am so excited for – I already have the box just waiting for the workshop date! The personalised element for June’s box was choosing our accent colour for our earrings. Stay tuned to see June’s final results!

Well done Knack Box – the best new subscription service in the UK in my opinion. A perfect cure for lockdown boredom and so amazingly easy! If you want to take a look at them, their website is here.

Em xx


2 thoughts on “Knack Box: Must Have Craft Subscription to Cure Boredom

  1. I know! Perfect to keep me occupied. I just did June’s box which was making earrings out of clay – was so much fun and I love that I know have something I can wear which is homemade! X


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