My Beauty Essential: #LipGlamUk

LipGlam is my ultimate beauty essential. Why? Because it can be used for everything!

I get very dry and sore lips so mostly use this product as a lip balm. I’ve gone through my fair share of lip balms over the years, but this is second to none. It leaves my lips feeling soft and has a nice shine to it when on.

I also love this product because it is 100% natural and lasts up to 8 hours on your lips.

My job involves a lot of work with my hands so they often get very dry too. I use this balm for that as well, especially on my knuckles, it clears up the dryness straight away. You can also use it on dry and split ends in your hair, I sometimes rub a bit on my ends when they are really bad and I am in need of going to the hairdresser. Makes hair look refreshed and less damaged!

LipGlam is a miracle worker! Cannot recommend this enough. It comes at a cost of £9.99 which is amazing considering you can use it for anything on your body and a tube lasts me a good few months, even though I use it everyday!

Top marks from me! ❤️


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