June Glossybox


I’ve been subscribed to Glossybox for almost 8 months now. It costs £13.25 a month including P&P, they guarantee 1 full size product a month and often have special themed or designed boxes. I don’t really know what to make of Glossybox, I am never truly over-the-moon with the products, however there is always one I use and I am drawn in by their sneak peaks of upcoming months. But somehow they never seem to live up to my expectation, perhaps this is because I subscribe to so many others that I feel are better quality and value. Having said this I love the design of the boxes and the tips and information they include. I also think the points system is great on their website, you collect points for buying boxes and completing surveys and when you reach 1000 you can redeem it against 1 box.

Ladival Sun Protection Spray  – Price £13.50

With the summer well and truly underway I was pleased to be receiving something I know for certain that I will use, and it is full size which is a great bonus. I have only worn it a few times because as all of you resident Britain’s will know it hasn’t exactly been sun cream weather! Therefore, I can’t really comment on the long term quality and how the tan builds up. I can say that it works, I haven’t been gotten burnt! Not even close! It protects against 4 types of UV rays, which not a lot of sun protects can say and is water resistant. The spray application is also convenient. I will continue to use it over the summer to see the kind of tan it gives me and keep me safe in the sun. The only negative is that I feel the packaging and feel of the product is very clinical/medicinal. I like to feel pampered and like I have a luxury product when I use sun cream, especially when I am going on holiday. I also like to have a scent to my suncream, which this doesn’t have, although I know many people don’t like this so its a great overall product. Great protection product rather than a beauty product, therefore I wouldn’t buy it as my usual ‘go to’ casual holiday sun cream, but would use it if I needed serious protection or would buy the kids version to keep kids extra safe.

De Bruyere After Sun Lotion  – Price £9.50

Firstly, I think we can all agree that this packaging is the cutest! I love florals, especially in summer and it makes it a statement piece to have in your holiday beauty bag. Obviously an aftersun is a perfect match to the sun spray and thats a great idea from Glossybox. It contains Vitamin E and has a nice but subtle smell to it. Its not too greasy and absorbs quite quickly. It also does what it says on the tin, its cool and fresh on the skin. Nothing exceptionally great about this product, I wouldn’t rave about it, but is a nice addition to my holiday beauty bag.

Origins Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturiser – Price £24 for a full size pot

This moisturiser is high end and has a nice fun, clean feel to it. It is oil free which is great for people with oily skin, especially in the summer. It instantly revitalises and freshens the skin without sitting on the skin and feeling heavy. As much as I liked the product, I don’t know if it has made me want to fork out the money to buy the full size one.

Spa to You Konjac Sponge – Price £7.99

This 100% natural sponge is great for exfoliating the skin, I always use it to scrub off my fake tan before reapplying or before moisturising. Good little product especially if you don’t use an exfoliator in your routine.

Emite Lip and Cheek Tint – Price £12.50

I loved the colour of this tint, but that is the only thing I liked. It had a really weird texture and feel that I don’t know how to describe. It was neither a lipgloss or a tint, something in between, therefore application felt clumsy and want easy to apply to cheeks due to this strange texture. This may just be me being weird but I really didn’t like the feel of it. Wouldn’t recommend as a tint, especially for the price. But I have used other Emite products that I have loved, so don’t let this put you off from the brand!

Aussie Conditioner Sample

Who doesn’t love Aussie hair products? Always work and smell great, shame its only a small sample, but a great little treat.


The overall worth of this box was roughly £34. It was one of the better boxes they have done recently, mainly because it contained products I know I will use over the summer and the products paired well together. However, I feel that Glossybox doesn’t have the same uniqueness and quirk that I think I get from other subscription boxes.

I will continue to subscribe for next month because I feel like the products are great quality and there is always a good mix of different things. The boxes also look great on shelves as storage.

I give June’s box ♥♥♥♥




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