June Pink Parcel










Dare I say it but I think this is the best Pink Parcel yet!!

For just £10.50 a month the Pink Parcel will deliver a box of goodies to your door to get you through the horrible time of month that is our period. They not only allow you to choose your sanitary products (towels or tampons) but also the brand of products from Tampax to Lil-Lets. Every month you will also receive tea, a delicious snack and a mix of beauty gifts to brighten up your day.

Today I will be reviewing June’s box.

The food items for this box included Emergency Tea teabag from the-teashed.co.uk and a small sample bag of popcorn from joeandsephs.co.uk. The popcorn was absolutely delicious and they also gave us a voucher for a free bag of popcorn when you spend £12 on the online shop, which I must admit am guilty of doing! The range of flavours is great and very interesting!


Models Co Powerlash Mascara      

-Price £24

-Full size

-Brush too thick/bulky for my liking but gives a non gloopy natural look


Bubble T Lip Balm

-Price £10 for 5

-Full size, various flavours

-Cute packaging and good smell








Imperial Candles Scent Melt                                                   

-Price £1.99

-Full size, various flavours

-Great smell, not overpowering

-Made in England

NPW Halo Nail Stickers & Gems

-Price £1.50

-Great design + sticking ability, use for an accent nail

-Perfect for festivals or a beach day!


OOHARR Face Mask                                       

-Price £1.50

-Great fresh feel

-Contains teatree = helps with oily skin









amie Moisturiser and Facial Wash

-Price £1.00

-Leaves skin soft and clean

-Perfect for travelling


-Price £5.95

-Great colours, soft feel

-Leaves no kink in the hair after a long day

-great general accessory, not just a hair band!

Pink Parcel is amazing value! All of this is worth £37.94, which does’t include the price of the sanitary products, which we all know are very expensive! Would highly recommend this subscription. Is very cute and a bargain at only £10.50 a month including P&P! Its also unusual to find a box where I would genuinely use all the products. Best subscription box I have tried.

I give June’s box ♥♥♥♥♥








2 thoughts on “June Pink Parcel

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, this would be the subscription box I would be most likely to recommend! ❤️


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